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Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're Texting Each Other

Perhaps we need a new euphemism for attempting a relationship. Instead of saying we're dating, seeing each other or talking (a Southern expression) we'll start to say, We're texting each other.

I really wish I had a Blackberry with a full QWERTY keyboard so I could text really fast and keep up with all the guys I am texting. But then again, sometimes I think texting is really lame.

Bass went to Seattle recently. I really thought we'd have seen each other by now since he came back on Friday. It's Sunday. I could totally understand texting while he was in Seattle. You do what you can to stay in touch on the the road. But now he's been back for a couple of days. We have no plans to see each other. But we are texting each other. A lot.

I've already been through this with another guy. At least he had something of a (flimsy) reason for not wanting to talk on the phone. He stutters slightly. It didn't really bother me that much, but he was self-conscious about it.

Bass has no such reason.

He was too tired to go with me to a concert Friday. It was part of a conference I was attending, so I went by myself. The next day we had briefly mentioned going to an amusment park--discount tickets were also a part of the conference for me. It rained. We talked on the phone and he was a little weird singing songs to me instead of giving me a straight answer when I asked him if he wanted to make plans to see each other.

But then he was texting me after that. I picked up my phone to find 3 text messages waiting at one point. He had texted me 10 messages from Seattle and a girl told me that she didn't think I had anything to worry about if he was texting me that much.

But then he didn't call me again yesterday evening. I just don't know up from down. I decided to take a break from my phone today and leave it at home while I went to the gym and bought some lunch. I needed time to think.

I came back and found 6 text messages all from Bass. One of them wished me a good day and the other called me his sweet baby.

I don't get it anymore. If I'm his sweet baby, how is it that we haven't seen each other at all since he's been back? He's just going to go away again on Wednesday without a date or seeing him.

So, in summary, we aren't seeing each other because I haven't seen him. We aren't dating though we have dated. We aren't talking because we hardly talk. But we are texting each other.

I wonder how a girl supposed to stay interested in a relationship with so many text messages but no live interaction?

I guess that's how it is when you are texting each other. He's still single at 37, so you tell me.

My mom thinks it's weird. My dad says it sounds like he is still interested and I should keep being nice to him so I have a place to leave my car and a ride to the airport when I go to San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

That's random. Some guys are shy, but obviously there has to be a point where they step up and take a risk!

I found your blog linked through a friend of a friend etc. I've been reading, it's good, I bookmarked it!

I'm single/Christian and would like to think I'm savvy! ;-)

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY! I relate to you on so many levels. Its like they cant commit, but they are thinking about it, but you dont really know, because its complicated. Ugh. Whats a girl to do.

Adi said...

Guys are easy to date, but tough to marry.

I tend to think of it as a series of walls. The highest walls a guy has to hop over are the first couple with a girl, then they get pretty easy and shorter. The opposite holds for girls getting guys. It is easy to hop into a relationship or dating, but pretty tough to actually get that ring.

Amir Larijani said...

Adi: I'm the other way around with the gals. I'm usually tougher up front, then after the first few dates she's got a green light.

If the relationship ends after that point, it is because she has decided--for whatever reason--that it won't work out.

D said...

Adi--we didn't date. I don't know that I agree about guys being easy to date but tough to get that ring from. I've gotten rings from guys fairly easily twice. Alot of guys are hard to date even. At least that's been my experience lately. But I make it hard for them unless I like them. The last two just didn't work out.