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Monday, March 31, 2008

Look What I Caught!!

Yes, I caught the bouquet at my cousin's wedding!! Everyone really wants me to be next. We need more excuses to get together. Some of us hadn't seen each other since what Lil calls My Big Fat Mexican Jewish Wedding 3 years ago in Mexico. Cousin A said, The flowers don't lie.

When it came time to catch the bouquet, I bargained with all of the girls:
I've been single the longest and I really think whoever catches it should just give it to me after.

OK N, we're ready!! She pretended to throw it a couple of times.
1...2...haha! She looked over her shoulder.
I hunkered down. I planned possible trajectories. I would roll, dive for it, jump 5 feet, whatever it took--in jest anyway. Sometimes being in the very front doesn't work and the bouquet goes to the back.
I didn't have to worry. The bouquet came sailing straight toward me. It would have hit me and landed on the floor if I hadn't caught it. I caught it and did a victory dance.

Honestly, the flowers don't neccessarily mean anything. I caught the bouquet once before about 5 years ago.

My exbf, C thought it was funny. He texted me and told me that he caught a garter 13 years ago and it still hasn't worked. But knowing him, he went for it because he's kind of pervy. He also won an underwear contest for Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival one year. I didn't know him them. Yes, he's a bit scandalous.

My really good looking distant not remotely related to me "cousin" caught the garter. I had sort had a crush on him at the last wedding. (He's my cousins' cousin--no relation, but not exactly a stranger.) I joked that we should just marry each other. We took a picture together.

In any case, it was fun. God at the very least, has a sense of humor.

1 comment:

Will said...

Good for you!
You know, just smile, and don't place to much importance on it. You've got the right attitude.

I miss California. San Francisco is really a great city.

Keep the faith, hun.
You'll find Mr. Right..soon enough.