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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Airport Parking

I hate paying for parking. I mean, I reallllly haaaaate it. Especially when it's overpriced airport parking. My Jewish cousins even joke that I am Jewish too because I don't like paying for parking. My solution was to park across the street at a hotel.

You can tell that at one time no one had to pay for parking, but then eventually, they did. Then the hotel blocked its entrances with posts, only that wasn't enough. Then they put small boulders by the posts so that people wouldn't drive around them. I know because I was looking for a way out that would relieve me from paying $12 a day for parking. $48 for 4 days and 3 nights. $40 if I pretended to have lost my ticket. It was certainly better than paying $17 a day in the airport lot. Outrageous. Even more outrageous was parking in San Francisco. Once I found out that it costs $30 for just one night, I felt better about paying $40. Yes, I would say I lost my ticket to pay $8 less. My cousin A and I took a cab to the hotel from her apartment to avoid paying for parking.

When I got back to the airport, I was prepared, though I'd be sad to part with the money. An evening out sometimes costs about that. Sometimes I feel a little bit pressured financially. Maybe I shouldn't have been so liberal at Macy's. $40 is what I paid for one of my shirts. I was going to give sneaking out one last shot. I could get another ticket or something. I could try following someone out. That's so wrong, but possible.

I walked back to my car, a bit oppressed by all I have on my mind with all that I am returning to. Wondering if Bass got my letter of apology--he still won't talk to me. Wondering if he will be there tomorrow shooting pool with us. Wondering if people will be angry with me for last Monday. Wondering if people will accept my carefully planned explanation,the one I had discussed with my cousins:

Don't mix muscle relaxers, cough medicine, painkillers and alcohol. Lesson learned. I'm so embarrassed.

Or I could just cop out and say, Gee, I don't really remember.

Nervous laughter turned to real laughter when I saw the gate was up. No need to pay for parking after all!! My $40 will be going to shooting pool and eating out after all. Thanks, God!!

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