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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Quote at the Bottom of My Blog

Life unravels like a cheap sweater,
Since I gave up hope I feel alot better.

I finally met the person behind this great quote; the eminent Steve Taylor. He's still youthful, charming, witty and looks great in skinny jeans (let's all hate him)at--get this--50 something. He could be the Christian Mick Jagger and keep going till he's 100.

Don't know who he is? I'm not surprised, but you may know his work indirectly. He produced Sixpence None the Richer. If you ever watched Dawson's Creek you at least heard Kiss Me. Their other hit was There She Goes. He was the lead singer of a band called Chagall Guevara. One of their songs appeared on the soundtrack of the Christian Slater movie, Pump Up the Volume. If you have heard of a Christian band called the Newsboys, he produced them, too.

Steve Taylor appearance was hosted by a church. Though he is considered to be one of the greats of Christian music "back in the day," he admits to having always struggled with that position. In his lyrics, he was always slightly sardonic, sarcastic and very witty. Some people were offended--mainly superchristians. But, there was a huge underground of kids who passed his music to each other. We liked what he said because while he was critical of the establishment as we were, he still loved Jesus like we did. He urged us to make Christianity our own and think for ourselves.

I had a few moments of commiseration when he explained how he barely passed the piano proficiency requirement at his university and sheepishly admitted one of his great musical inspirations was the Clash's London Calling. I made the sign of the devil and said, "Rock the Casbah!" Then I slapped my hand. Oops! Sometimes I get in trouble in a Christian crowd, too. Kids are listening to all that stuff again. Who knows, maybe Christian kids will turn back the clock and listen to his stuff. The interviewing host read many of the lyrics for which he was well known and asked for commentary. He confessed to get a little tired of the constant self-promotion that is a part of business and the entertainment industry. I got a bit tired of that and audtioning as a singer. We should totally be BFFs!

When they asked if anyone had any last minute comments or questions that they had to make. I raised my hand. "I'm so glad that your lyrics were mentioned because they continue to have an impact. I put a quote on my blog Life unravels like a cheap sweater, since I gave up hope I feel alot better; which is perfect since I write about dating!"

He told me later how glad he was to hear that again. Some people don't get how funny that quote is to me. I'm glad at least one person on the planet does--as well as those who laughed at this event. Maybe you too?


D said...

interesting reading...keep up the good work.

dave t.


Tairebabs said...

I was glad to see your write up on the quote at the bottom of your blog because I actually spent sometime wondering what it really mearnt. Nice write up!