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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pre-Date Confidence Builders

I fell in love with this on http://www.zefrank.com/. Ze is a great friend to you by letting you know how hot you look. It's nice to have a big butt. That outfit looks great on you! I refreshed my memory just before a date. Damn, I felt good! The date went well, too.

Visit Pre-Date Confidence Builder

Impress Your Date
It also helps to look at someone really messing up on a date. Your bad date couldn't be nearly as bad as some of the crazy stuff Ze does to annoy, pester and disturb his date. Visit How to Impress Your Date

Communication Skills
Of course, if you just need a good old-fashioned laugh, why not learn communication skills from Ze. It's a great way of thinking through your responses to annoying emails. Highly recommended. Communication Skills

Want to feel better about Valentine's Day? No one to celebrate with you? Ze can make you feel better about that, too! Visit: <3

Social Network
A social network built just for two awaits you in two versions.
1 contains a reference to the Valentine episode. Ze is the duckie.
2 is simpler and is just animated text.

Need to feel better in general? Someone out there thinks you're great, and that someone is Ze! And me--I think you're great for reading my blog!!!

I consider his to be The Blog That Makes You Feel Better. That's what he wants since he says, Many have come, but I like you the best!


Lisa said...

That guy Ze is funny...thanks for the links!
Cute blog!

Lisa said...

My comment didn't show...but nice blog