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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cell Phone Revolution

Is this thing even on? I know it is. Is the ringer off? It's on. I need a positive affirmation from the guy I went out with recently (Bass) and it just isn't there. We had some textual contact yesterday, but that was yesterday. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I can text after a date when I would never call. It's sweet and simple. Yesterday went like this:

Savvy: I had so much fun last night! Thank you!
Bass: Yeah it was so fun. Just got back from lunch with my parents.
Savvy: Did u tell them how much fun u had?
Bass: Yes I told them about the sweet kisses too!
Savvy: You did? ;) I'd be happy to share a few more.


Umm... still waiting for a response to that.

Yesterday suddenly seems so long ago, as does our date two days ago. We met just three days ago. He called me twice before our date to make sure we were going out. I know I should give it a rest.

I just looked over at my cell phone again. Nothing.

But, I love cell phones. Bass and I showed each other pictures on our phones. He let me mess around with his Iphone. I tried to check my email and it kept crashing. He played a song for me. I took a picture of a landscape and he stepped into the shot so I would have a picture of him. In fact, I think my first words to him were,

Savvy: Watcha looking at?
Bass: Directions for the museum.
Savvy: Iphone! Oooh, neat!
And then I stuck my finger on the screen and made the map move all over the place.
Bass: Yeah. It's cool. You can do that with the map.
Cell phones are great!

I would never date someone who didn't have a cell phone and I just found out that I'm not the only one. Bass was supposed to meet up with a lady for a carpool and she didn't have a cell phone. It's difficult to coordinate with someone if they don't have a cell phone. She was 20 minutes late. Plus, I want to be able to call someone I'm dating when I'm stuck in baggage claim. Not having a cell phone is a red flag to me. You should live at least in the year 2000 and this is 2008.

I certainly don't want to wait around at home for some guy to call me. I can be anywhere and get that special phone call. If that special phone call never comes, I can still be anywhere rather than staring at my landline willing the phone to ring.

I was especially glad for the cell phone this last Tuesday. I went out with a guy who didn't have a cell phone last Saturday. He promised to call and didn't. I went to the gym, looked at my phone and decided he was lame. In 1950 I would have been stuck at home. But perhaps I wouldn't have felt the great generational divide with that guy. It was weird to go on a date with someone who doesn't have one. His defense: If I am going to go meet you, I'm not going to change my mind because of a phone call.

That's touching, but I want to know how long you will be if you are late. I want to know where you are. I want to know how bad the accident is if that's what is holding you up.

Seriously, even my Dad has a cell phone and knows how to use it. My Mom has one and she barely knows how to use it. We get a kick out of it. But she has one! One of my exboyfriends is older then the Cellphonephobic date and he had one also.

The Cellphonephobic date seemed so rigid and inflexible; a dinosaur of the pretechnological age being left one the other side of an ever-widening rift. He probably found it uberannoying when I got two text messages on our date and had the audacity to read them. One of them was from my exboyfriend. I slipped into the bathroom to text him back.

How did people even live before cell phones?

1. You HAD to be HOME to get a phone call. How limiting!
2. If you were going to be somewhere, you had to give them the phone number where you would be. I can remember my parents giving the babysitter the phone number at a restaurant or a party in case anything happened.
3. You had to ask permission to use someone's telephone.
4. There were payphones everywhere.
5. If you agreed to meet someone, they would have to just wait there.
6. If you got lost in a public place, you had to go to the place where they kept the lost children. Now you can just call your parents and tell them where you are.
7. If your car broke down on the road, you had to find a call box.
8. If you got lost driving somewhere, you stayed lost.
9. If you left home without directions, you had to go back and get them.

10. People would meet to hang out--now they text each other the gossip.

Despite all the technological advances, I still think my cell phone must be broken. I am still willing it to ring. I'm still dying to hear his voice. I am still hoping he will ask me out again. I keep looking at it and it keeps not ringing. ARGH!! I'm so upset I'm going to leave it in my room while I get some dinner. No I'm not!

I guess some things will never change.


Gina said...

Ok, not trying to be rude, but you'll date a guy who has an STD and pressures you for sex, but if he doesn't have a cell phone, forget it? Everyone has that mental list of things you want in a significant other, but where do you draw the line?

D said...
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Blake Montana said...

I agree with you about how cell phones make life a lot easier these days, but text messaging is awful. A friend of mine's exgirlfriend told him she hated him in a text message. Is that really the best way to tell someone you hate them? What do you do? Put the sentence in all caps? Add three exclamation points? I HATE YOU!!! Sorry, just doesn't do it for me. Would you ever date a guy who only used a beeper? Even though I'm not sure any exist..

D said...

Yeah Gina, let's just say I learned from that situation! At first the STD guy was really sweet, didn't pressure me at all and I had no idea. Then I was in the mode of trying to work things out because I thought that relationship was going to be different than it was (longterm). If I had felt any real connection with that CellPhonePhobic guy, I wouldn't be criticizing him for not having a cell phone. My real problem was that he didn't call me when he said he would and hasn't contacted me since. It's really a moot point, but a funny conversation had with someone. I found your comment very amusing in an LOL sort of way.

D said...

Seriously, ppl need to come up with better mediums of expressing themselves. I did date a man who had a beeper. He would jump to answer it, then run to call the person when we were out together it was really annoying. Nowadays, I suppose he just answers his cell phone.