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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

I decided not to let Valentine's Day get me down when I heard that people in some Muslim countries get arrested for celebrating. Seriously, doesn't that change your perspective on it?? Suddenly I was celebrating immorality and decided that I was going to celebrate it BECAUSE I CAN.

Can you believe it?? If you wear red, give candy, exchange greetings, hold hands, kiss or celebrate in any way, you could be arrested? Valentine's Day is immoral?? Are you kidding me? Are you serious?? That's outrageous!! What's wrong with celebrating love? Even without a boyfriend, love is still worth celebrating!!

My students were getting all ho-hum and some even called it "Singles Awareness Day." At 15 and 16 they're already aware?? Something about that just isn't right!!

When I told them that kids aren't allowed to celebrate it in other countries, they couldn't believe it. Did that change things for them? Suddenly I felt like a Valentine's Day missionary preaching the Good News Celebrate because you can!!

I ended up having one of the best Valentine's Days I have ever had. I wore red. I wished people a Happy Valentine's Day. It was nice to wish people a Happy Something--whatever it may be. I went to a party. I didn't meet any guys I liked there, but I ended up having alot of fun getting my palm read. Some crazy lady also did a Tarot card reading. She prayed over the cards and kept telling me not to cross myself because it blocked her energy. See No Date Required

I was distressed over the recent breakup so close to Valentine's Day. I figured having a boyfriend around then that we would certainly fulfill a little fantasy of mine to have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. But if I hadn't broken up with C, I wouldn't have been making a concerted effort to get out as much as possible. I wouldn't have gone bowling and I wouldn't have met Bass. Basically, I think had to meet him bowling because that's how I ended up with an ice pack on my shoulder because bowling made it hurt. I also made everyone laugh when I tried to bowl left-handed and dropped the ball as I pulled back. If I didn't have an ice pack on my shoulder, he wouldn't have brought up that his shoulder hurt from playing his bass. We might not have ended up finding out how many other things we had in common. Things may not work out with him either, but I had the best date I have ever had with anyone with Bass. Maybe he was distressed over a recent breakup too, something that he alluded to, but I didn't ask any questions about.

Can you believe I almost cancelled? My shoulder was hurting, I shouldn't have been bowling at all. But I thought, what the heck, I'll go anyway.

I decided to go out on a limb when he texted me again to say hello. I texted him a picture of a conversation heart that said, HEP CAT. I know it's a bit late for Valentine's, but it's so perfect. (He plays bass for a jazz group.) He looooved it. He texted me from Houston, then from Cleveland and called me twice that night. He's also texting me on the way home from his gig. I expect we will have another nice date when he gets back.

If you didn't celebrate this year, celebrate next year;

Muchos besos,
Savvy D

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