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Friday, January 4, 2008

What's Your Number?

I didn’t ask because I didn’t really want to know. I found out accidentally.

How do you find out “accidentally” how many sex partners your current sweetie has had? I wish I didn't know!

Out of boredom while sitting on the couch at his apartment, I dug through a pile of magazines while he took a shower.
Guns and Ammo, yawn. (Though shooting rattlesnakes sounded fun.)
Newsweek, already read it.
Maxim, a men's magazine. Interesting.

I flipped through it, homing in on an article about a guy who cut up and cooked his sweetheart. Gross. Then I flipped through pictures and interviews with hot, barely clothed Hollywood starlets. Then an article about how many people you have slept with. I started to read…

The article focused on girls who had a high number. If they were good at what they did in bed, then the guy shouldn’t judge or complain, right?

Then I saw hatchmarks in the corner. Groups of five... There were five groups of five and then 3 outliers. 28. He sat on the couch, fresh from his shower. “What’s this, honey? Is this your number?”

Dramatic pause. His shoulders hunched. He looked a little red and sheepish.
“You counted?”
“I got curious as I was reading.”
28. Wow. To me that’s a lot. He knows I’ve only slept with one guy.
“How many of those were one night stands?”
He thought about it. “Three. But I didn’t mean for it to turn out that way. A lot of my relationships started off being sexual early on. Even on the first date.”
“And you had relationships with them? Maybe when a girl asks if you’ll respect her in the morning, she’s really asking if she’ll respect herself.”
“Guys don’t judge that way.”
“Do you remember all of their names?”
“Yes. I would feel bad if I didn’t.”
“Have you kissed a lot more people than that?”
“No.” Oops, I have.

People used to marry much younger, keeping their number much lower. My cousin told me she had friends who married as virgins and they read sex books together to learn how to do it. Sounds like fun. Nowadays people stay single much longer. Still, I never expected to be anyone’s potential number 29.

This article about the Number appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle.



Elise said...

29 is quite high... I normally ask the question out right. I can't help being curious! xx

Alicia Chenaux said...

29 does seem high. I guess maybe not to some people, but to me it seems high. If only 3 were one night stands, then how did he manage to have relationships with 26 people??

peter jarvis said...

9 is not high really..

i mean break it down into days or weeks of a single person ,..who is available for encounters with poeple..

i lived in europe until i was 25 then moved to canada..
the attitudes in europe are more open about many partners..

i am a father of two who live with me 1/2 the week..

and i consider myself a good person..honest, fun loving, generous, family orientated etc , but i have had over 200 partners ..seems a lots to say but when i consider the encounters the majority were exciting and openly loving..the majority of my ex-girlfriends etc are still in contact and communicate as friends..
i do wish for a friendship in a relationship..thats the most important, sex is well a pleaseure and a form of expression..giving /recieving etc is a wonderful element but not the main objective..

just thought id pass that onto you..
take care..

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