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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to Get to a High Number

My boyfriend has been really active in the bedroom. I did some investigating to find out how he ended up with such a high number.

First Girlfriend
He got a late start at 19. His first girlfriend broke up with him but they still went on a trip to an away football game. She was in the marching band, so hotel was taken care of. Things got heated, but then when they got back home they were still broken up. This doesn’t exactly count as a one night stand. I’m sure he was glad to not be a virgin anymore.

Other Girlfriends
He mentioned a friend of his that he is still friends with. They dated for about a month. Chances are they were intimate at some point. College gives you a lot of time to kill.

Something clicked for him at some point and he was giving love advice to the boys when he was in the military. Supposing he took a girl out to dinner and she liked him. She invited him back to her place. They started dating. Then something or another happened and they broke up a month or two later. It’s been known to happen even without including sex. A guy has to keep trying, right?

Long Distance Relationships
The military kept him moving around. This led to breakup-prone long distance relationships. He tried these relationships more than once courtesy of the eHarmony matching process.

3 One Night Stands
He said when you meet someone from online, it seems like you know them really well. You have been communicating online, sending emails back and forth, reading each other’s profiles and talking on the phone. After all of that, it almost seems natural that things might get heated if you feel comfortable with someone. Unfortunately, it has lead to a little heartache with him. He said that he tried to secure followup dates with some of his one night stands, but they did not return phone calls. It makes one wonder if the women acted out of character and were too embarrassed to continue the relationship. Or if perhaps they were seeing multiple people and decided on someone else. Or perhaps they were cheating on a boyfriend or husband. These loving relationships were facilitated by Match.com.

My Turn
We didn’t kiss on our first date. He gave me a hug and a quick kiss on our second date. I told him I wanted to take things slow on our third date, we had a few more kisses and some really nice bear hugs. I thought he was turned off when I said I wanted to take things slow, but after 2 months, we made the transition from seeing each other to dating and then he asked me to be his girlfriend on Christmas Day. That was my favorite present.

We still haven’t slept together. I’m not very experienced and I would like to take my time. He has been very respectful of that because he has seen things not work out when they start off quickly.

Modern Dating
If you are a fan of Sex and the City, those girls were pretty fast. This led to a lot of comedic situations in which we not only saw the awkward situation, but the awkward breakup. Each time, they seemed to hope that they would have a long-term relationship. Until the end of the series they all fell short of that mark.

How many guys did each of them go out with and sleep with on the series? I still insist that they could have found out some of these problems BEFORE they slept with the guys. But nowadays, viewing sex as an appetite or a need rather than a special sign of a marriage commitment has led people to become intimate a lot more quickly than in past generations. For some people having sex is no big deal. I’ve had more than one boyfriend pressure me by saying, “What’s the big deal? It’s just sex.” I smile and say, “Exactly. It’s no big deal, so you won’t mind if I pass on the offer for now.” It’s kept me out of trouble. Not everyone is that strong.

That’s how you get to a high number.

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