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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back to Online Dating

When you break up with someone, it's out of the frying pan and into the fire again. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. So why am I joining new dating services? What do I think of all the dating services?

The first person I ever met from online was a really great guy in alot of ways. We had a relationship that lasted for eight months. We broke up because of real reasons that could not be worked out. We had a fourteen year age difference and he had three teenaged children. Different levels of experience and our age difference meant we needed different things.

The second guy I met from online really liked me, and I could have seen us being together, but I was moving. He told me he had enough friends and didn't want to be friends.

Fast forward to now. I still have hope that I might meet someone. At least I'm increasing my chances of meeting someone by having an ad online.

The idea behind it is really good, but I didn't end up meeting anyone I liked. Some of the pairings were weird, like the guy who was a Christian cross dresser. Just plain weird. I also met a guy who was an actor, still bitter about his divoce and asked me if I was a virgin during our first conversation. While I was waiting for the subway a few months later, he was complaining about dating to another girl. I pulled the hood of my down jacket over my head so he couldn't see my face and I could listen. My exboyfriend was on eHarmony and I don't think that we ever would have been matched up. Though we might have been. Does eHarmony get more credit because they cost more and you have to fill out a really long survey?

The guarantee brought me back. If you don't meet someone special in 6 months, they give you another six months free. It's not their fault that some of the guys I met in New York were lame and misrepresented themselves. Match has since improved it's advertising and with more people on there, more people are likely to be a match, right? My cousin met her fiance on there, so all things are possible! However, after two weeks, no bites for me so far.

Well, here's hoping. It should be one better than Match, right? I like the idea of having more than words to help your compatibility along. Sometimes you are completely blind, and at least this helps you know a little more about the person before you start. And least the guys had to be serious enough to finish something of a questionaire that isn't as intense as the one for eHarmony. This is a great excuse to watch Must Love Dogs. I enjoy any film with John Cusack in it.

Yeah, there are a bunch of sleazes on CL, but I met a few nice guys that way too. There was the really immature guy who started telling me about his health problems growing up. When he told me that he really wanted to date a hot co-ed, I told him I really had to go. However, I also met a really sweet accountant who I had a nice time with but not a relationship. And then there was the airline manager who thought I was "top drawer". But with bad breath and three adult children, I opted out. I wasn't attracted enough and drank too much wine so I could tolerate kissing him on our first date. It almost worked, though the wine wore off. I wanted to be friends, but he wasn't in the business of friendship.

Message Boards
I had alot in common with a guy from a message board. We decided to meet. He annoyed me by immitating my intonation and pitch of my voice. He didn't have recent pictures and "forgot" to tell me that he had burn scars on his face.

Disappointing. People seemed to be very spiritual, but very shy--too shy to take the step to meet. By all accounts, I heard often that I was a great girl and that I was out of their league. Why would a guy say that to me? Lame. My blog-reading boy was also from this site. I hoped he would be a better option than my now ex-boyfriend or perhaps still want to meet. In any case, I emailed several people, but only met one, an accountant. He was rude. There is one guy who I have been emailing and talking to for almost a year now. It cracks me up, so I keep him around. He's the one with Open House Fingers.

Single C
Truly a disappointment. I signed up on it because a friend of mine from bible study met her now husband there. I was certain I would be next. I ended up going on a date with a weird accountant whose divorce was not final. I reported him and they did not act. They promise that everyone on the site is single.

Recent pictures are a must.
Successful relationships depend on similar backgrounds.
You must have some level of physical attraction to your partner.
Successful relationships depend on maturity and a willingness to talk things out.

Don't just accept dates to go out. Have your revenge like I do!! Write about it!

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Anonymous said...

Tried the eHarmony one, and it was great, thanks!