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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Too Picky?

One of my favorite theories about singles is that we are too picky. Apparently, some of y'all don't understand what we have to pick from. Let me explain...

I actually had someone ask me, "What would you do if you went on some dates with a guy who was absolutely everything you wanted in all respects but was not a good kisser?"

"Where is that guy? I would go out with that guy. We could work on that. It could be fun."

Really, that's a workable situation. The guy LIKES you. He WANTS to be with you. He treats you well. Again, where IS that guy? That's not what I've had to pick from!

See, when people marry young, they are picking from a pool of young, hot, available, and mostly undamaged people. The supply seems as limitless as the possiblities for their futures. Few, if any, have children or have been married. The people who are ready, willing and able to make a commitment do so, usually as they graduate or soon after.

The one guy I was interested in would rather text than talk. We made it to three dates and I thought of having a boyfriend for the holidays. Now it's over. He works nights and doesn't seem that interested in reserving time for me. Maybe he has someone else he's interested in. Maybe it's him, not me. Would you stick it out? Me either.

I have also been hit on by a very drunk social worker who swore how much he liked me. But then I saw pictures of him all over a bunch of other girls that same night. He also talked constantly about drinking and showing up at work hung over or still drunk. Would you pick that one? Me either.

I tried going out with a guy who had 3 college age kids, severe halitosis, overweight and some health problems. I was just starting in my career and he was already talking about retirement. I liked him as a person and wanted to continue a friendship, but it was a relationship or nothing. Would you pick him? Me either.

A family friend worked really hard to set me up with someone. He teaches college and I enjoyed talking with him. He seemed interested and asked me out. Then he just stopped calling and emailing. Would you pick him? Me either.

I went on an impromptu date with a man who asked me to go back to his place or back to mine or to Vegas about 7 times. He also told me that he talked his last girlfriend into an abortion. Would you pick him? Me either.

As he walked out of a room at a conference, a guy whispered in my ear, "This is your last chance to invite me up to your room." I answered, "I can live with that." Would you pick him? Me either.

I met a single guy who called me 5 times in 3 days. He works in a factory, I have a college degree. Did I mention that he is here on a greencard and doesn't speak much English? Would you pick him? Me either.

I went out with a wealthy CPA. He took me to a nice restaurant but kept comparing me to his ex-wife and then mentioned he thought she was a bitch. Would you pick him? Me either.

There is a really great looking guy who talks about his ex-wife and says he isn't ready for anything serious again. He invited me out to a movie at the last minute and I'm sure, would have invited me to stay over. We are different religions. I haven't heard from him all week. Would you pick him? Me either.

Am I too picky or are the pickings slim?


Northern Ads said...

Your not to picky, not for those guys anyway. I would say there are many men out there who are great, and when you least expect it, he will come into your life and be everything he should be, but just remember nobody's perfect and you have except some things, but no to many and depending on those some things are. Men are men and always be men. My advice being a married woman of 17 years, take time to learn about men and know some things you just can't change.

Good Luck and God Bless

single/certain said...

hey... yeah, you shouldn't pick any of them. and you know what else? maybe you shouldn't be going out with guys like them in the first place! might you be lowering your standards just to have someone to go out with? maybe? i hope that doesn't sound mean. i just mean that from what i've read, you are smart and funny and cute and you love god... in short, you are QUALITY. and you deserve quality. why waste your time with non-quality? aim HIGHER, D!

D said...

Haha. Well, sometimes these guys don't show what they are like until you actually go out with them. Then I pass up the "opportunity." Then again, I might go out with someone just for blog fodder.

Chelle B. said...

Hosea 4:6 My people have been destroyed for lack of knowledge.

That is my favorite scripture lol.

I seriously have sympathy for you, I have been married since forever to a great guy who shares my same values and faith. I can't imagine being single, let alone being single with morals these days haha so you have my support on your journey. :)

Chelle B.
The Offended Blogger

Allsinglesmeet said...

Northern ads is correct.Men are men and should never lower your standards!

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Northern ads is correct.Men are men and should never lower your standards!