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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Right Hand Ring

I wanted to celebrate graduating with my degrees in an upscale way. I hadn’t purchased a class ring because I just wasn't into them very much. I decided now was the time to do something about that.

I really enjoyed having an engagement ring when I was engaged. I loved the play of colors as they danced in the small .25 carat diamond I had chosen. When I was younger I wasn’t interested in flashy displays.

My new job sent me on a jewelry purchasing spree that I hadn’t enjoyed since, well, since I returned that sweet little engagement ring! When you return a diamond ring, all you have to do is purchase 2 times the value of what you purchased. I hardly knew what to buy, but buy I did! I still have those items and wear them often.

For my celebrate me moment, a cute diamond ring caught my eye with it two circles of small baguette diamonds surrounding 7 closely set larger baguettes. It danced in the light. Perfect. “You don’t think it looks like an engagement ring, do you?”

“Oh, no. It’s obvious that it isn’t. Engagement rings are solitaires.” The salesman smiled.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m engaged or married.”

“Oh, they won’t.” He smiled. I smiled. Pretty.

“An extra 5% off on top of 20% and another 20% for opening a new account? I’ll take it.”

I wore my little bargain on Thanksgiving. As we waited for dinner, I lounged on the couch next to my Turkey of a Guy. I don’t remember how the conversation started, but I remember how it progressed. “Hey Guy your fiance…”

FIANCE???? Oh no! No no no no no no! You don’t understand! It’s on my right hand, see!!?? It’s not a solitaire. Look. Look, look, look, look! I didn’t say any of those things, in case you were wondering.

At home I looked carefully at it in the mirror. From far away it looks like an engagement ring. It’s flashy and shiny, and people are dyslexic. They don’t stop to notice what hand it’s on.

The ring goes back!! I started looking for the box with the tags. The salesman had removed them when I bought the ring. But I asked him if I could keep them anyway. I asked about getting the ring sized because I thought it might be a tiny bit too big. I couldn’t part with it. I decided against having it sized. In doing so, I accidentally left the box with the tags. What to do? It looks like I'm stuck with it.


A jeweler describes...
What Is The Right Hand Diamond Ring?
Jewelry designed for you to declare your rights, and express your unique style.
Your left hand loves candlelight. Your right hand loves the spotlight.
Your left hand says, “I do.” Your right hand says, “I can.”
Your left hand is your heart. Your right hand is your voice.

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