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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open House Fingers

Whiskey fingers--calling people out of loneliness when you are drunk.

Open house fingers--calling people out of loneliness because you are a real estate agent in a down market with no one showing up to make an offer.

Yes, I've had both kinds of calls.

I would hate to be a reat estate agent about now. Being trapped at an open house all day on a Saturday or Sunday is a fate worse than dealing with "terrible teens", "terrible tweens" or "terrible twos" during the week.

I had this real estate agent I was in touch with via online. Quite frankly, I forgot about him several times. I sent him my number via email because he said he'd like to call me. Months passed before he called. We'd talk for a while, call each other a few times, swear we would meet, and then I didn't hear from him. I was even driving to right near where he lived for a professional singing gig.

Then he started calling me when he had open house. He invited me to come visit him at an open house. Weird. But kind of cool because I could play it off as if I were a customer if I didn't like him, right?

He dropped off the face of the earth. Then on day he called me out of the blue. I htought he was someone else. How would I remember it was him after a month of not talking? Sure enough, it was open house again.

Then about a month later, he wrote an email to me saying he wanted my phone number because he'd like to call me. In case he didn't realize that I was the same person, I emailed copies of all the past emails we sent back and forth. I said I owuld like to hear from him as we should finally meet.

I haven't heard from him. Maybe he'll call when he has an open house on a rainy day.

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