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Friday, November 30, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

If I write about someone, do I risk losing them? Is it ethical to write about someone?

When I told a friend of mine that I was writing about my most recent string of dates with the same guy, he said, "It's unChristian." Really, he was just teasing me. But he has strong feelings about this having been blogged about before. "If I know a girl I'm dating keeps a blog and she writes about me, I'm out of there."

But, what if it's something nice? What if there are no names and she is saying how much she just loooves him? Will he stop talking to me when he reads that I have quoted him?

"Listen," he counselled me. "If you like the guy, don't blog about him."

What if I keep the blog secret? What if the guy never finds it? What if someday we can laugh together about the things that went wrong?

On the other hand, what if my insights are right? What if people agree with the things I have written? What if other people take comfort in what I have written because they have gone through something similar. What if I did really like him, but now have too many questions.

It's worth the risk.


There are, of course a wide variety of freaks and wierdos that this doesn't apply to. Oh, how I wish they were so easily gotten rid of!


Monday Morning Power said...

After a thorough review of your blog I have determined that you qualify for my “Keep on Truckin” Promising Blog Award. Follow the link and claim your prize:
Honestly, I had to think about this for a while. You do ask some important questions. As you go forward make sure your content has a wide appeal. You need to dress up your site. Make it so that a passer-by wants to stay for a while. You need some pics. Take a look at my 14 rules (the link is on the "keep on Truckin..." award post.

Like I said, you do have promise, but you will have to work at it.

itsjennie said...

I completely agree with you. I think that it's okay to blog about someone you're in a relationship with, as long as it's not trash-talking them, and they know your writing about them. As long they know about the general content of what you're writing, they should be okay with it (especially if you're keeping it anonymous!).

single/certain said...

yeah, this is why i try to keep my anonymity (sp?) i want to be honest about my struggles and what i'm experiencing, but don't want to hurt anyone. so i've only told a few people about my blog, and i keep my identity and location a bit mysterious. and why spill the beans to a guy you go on five dates with? especially if you don't identify him.

Monday Morning Power said...


Your site is looking much better. I like the pictures.

As to content of this post, I think that it's OK to be totally honest in your posts. but no names. I agree with single/certain.