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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving with a Turkey

A turkey of a Guy that is!

I was at dinner with a group of people and ended up having a drink with Guy after. He invited me to have Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's. There were lots of singles there, some I had met before, some I had not.

I thought this guy was interested in me, but now I'm a little bit confused. He sat with me at dinner--we ended up at the kid's table. Another lady came and joined us and we dished about some of the people that we mutually knew. Eventually I asked, "What have you heard about me? Have you heard that I'm a big flirt?" Then I put my arm around Guy. He held my hand for about two minutes. Good, right?

After dinner, we went for a walk together. No hand holding, nothing. And of course leaving a party for a walk always sounds suspicious. "Wow, D, your hair is really messed up. What'd you do on that walk?" Lots of winking. "Humidity. What can I say? You found us out!"

He also drank lots of wine and tried to get me to do the same. "You need to drink some more. You need to get drunk." My response? "No thanks, I'm still hung over from last night. I had nightmares about some lady trying to kill me with her steel bottomed boots. Then Snoopy's house came flying through to announce The End."

Then Guy invited me to drop by his brother's place and see his house that is totally being remodelled. Sure, why not? He showed me around, pointed out all the things that he was proud of. He also planned to keep the cabinets in the kitchen. It was a complete mess. I'm sure it's going to be great later on. But it wasn't what he had described to me. It sounded like a palace. I guess a man's home is his castle. Plus, it was the house he grew up in, so he's attached to it.

We were alone together. Nothing happened. I was thinking that would have been a great time for a little kiss. Nothing.

He took a bottle of wine with him to his brother's place. I drove. I had about half a glass of it, he had the rest. He brought the bottle for himself.

Sitting at his brother's place was quite an experience. They were really nice to me and wanted to know all about me. They made me sing for them. Of course they told me it gave them goosebumps and were very complimentary--always a bonus with me. :)

We also gave him a hard time about the cabinets. I told him if his mother were still alive, she would say, "Why are you doing this to me? Change the cabinets." His brother heartily agreed.

Guy has seven brothers and sisters. He made me talk on the phone to another one of his brothers. "Please tell him to change the cabinets."
"Who is this?"
"Yes, but tell me about yourself. How do you know Guy?"
"I met him about a month ago at a dinner."
"Well, praise God, that's terrific."

Praise God? Oh no no no no no. It's not like that. I met him a month ago and hadn't seen him until yesterday. Now I feel like I'm being introduced around like a girlfriend. What?

I had to get out of there. "Wow. Look at the time. Should I drop you off at home or make you walk because your mother would really want you to change those cabinets?"

I dropped him off. No kiss. Not even a hug. Not even an attempt. I guess I'm already his ex-girlfriend. I'm so OK with that.

Anyone want my Turkey leftovers?

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