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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strange Dates Indeed

I went to a wedding as a 2nd date! Most peculiar, Mama!

I'm sure you want to know how I got myself into this one. I kind of do, too! Curiouser and curiouser is the rabbit hole of modern dating.

I emailed with this guy for a few months and it seemed like it was time to meet. He invited me to a halloween party last minute, but I was dressed as a man and didn't think that would be a good costume for meeting a potential new boyfriend.

But, his date cancelled on him for a wedding and he asked if I would go. We hadn't met yet. He must not know alot of girls. He was one of the groomsmen and introduced the bride and groom on grad night many years ago.

We met for lunch and hit it off, so I agreed to go. Of course, I had to buy a new dress for the occaision. I didn't think I should wear black to a wedding, though it's my favorite color. Very slimming! I settled on a cute purple Grecian number that revealed a tasteful amount of cleavage. (Yes, this is the same dress from More Dirty Old Men)

I was going to leave my house for the wedding, but decided to rinse of my dirty car first. One of my students had inscibed that age old plea WASH ME. I merrily rinsed off my car, not realizing that I had locked my keys inside of it. I tried all the doors in a panic. If only I had left the trunk open! I looked longingly at my keys in the front seat, then walked to the neighbors' in my high heels. When I was in my teens, I had noooo problem vaulting myself onto the roof via a brick wall next to the house then crawling in the window. I did this after formal dances so my parents would not catch on that I didn't get home until 3am. Or, in the case of senior prom, 5 am. My parents had that brick wall lowered just because of that. If I could do it, so could a criminal.

I was late. AAA did not put a rush order on this lockout as promised. I would have saved time by going to the car wash. I missed the ceremony. (The church choir sang. I'll bet they had the order of the mass and the bride's wishes. I really hate weddings after the one I sang at. Misunderstandings and Dirty Old Men)

C found me talking to a couple. We hugged. Then he got lost in the crowd since he was one of the groomsmen. "I'm here with C."
"Are you his wife?" Blank look. "No."
"Are you his girlfriend." Blank look. "No."
Luckily C came up with something. "We just started dating yesterday."
"Congratulations. That's wonderful." I smiled. "Thank you."

Huh? We went on a date yesterday. He introduced me around as his date to the family. "Felicidades." (I congratulated them.) To the bride and groom. "This is my date, D." Alot of hellos and nice-to-meet-yous followed.

This led to another conversation with tablemates at the reception.
"So, how long have you known C?" I asked.
"We just met him yesterday."
"Oh, that's nice. How do you know the bride and groom?"
What I really wanted to say was, "Me too."

I couldn't stay long since I had to go to a progressive dinner. He walked me to my car and kissed me sweetly. It was a perfect ending to a strange date.

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