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Sunday, November 25, 2007

How's Your Text Life?

Is it satisfying?

My text life was really happening lately, so it made me curious. What can I say?

I asked a college freshman. She really perked up. "It's great! It's always my boyfriend or my roommate." God only knows what they text about.

My text life was, I'm sure different. I was texting back and forth with my old college roommate about getting together over the holidays. Sometimes I got texts from a friend of mine from my New York days.

Mostly, I was getting text messages from the new guy I was seeing.


C: What's your schedule like? I have Thurs off.
D: Who wants to know & why?
C: Who: Me! Why: another date :)
D: I'm still thinking about that kiss.
C: Yeah, me too.


C: Got the keys to my new place, movers come on Friday.
D: Hows the packing going?
C: Barely freaking started.
D: Better get on it. That's an order!
C: Watcha gonna do to me if I disobey.
D: Send you to the pokey.
C: But I am the one with the handcuffs!
C: So how then do YOU propose to lock ME up? :-)
D: Guess I will surrender to you.
C: A wise choice my dear. :-)
D: We will have to discuss the terms of my surrender on Thurs.
C: A wise choice, my dear. I am a most beneficent dictator.


C: Hey QT! How r u?

C: Hi cutie. Workin' hard, hardly workin'. How bout you?

This is so much fun! No wonder my students keep their cell phones handy during class. I've really got to get one of those cell phones where every letter has its own button!

But then it turned into just text messages. See, I look at text messages as leading to a phone call. Or maybe as a quick substitute when you are trapped in a meeting, or have really bad reception. But isn't it just as quick to call someone and say all those same things? Maybe even quicker than a whole conversation of just text messages.

After getting a text message saying he was ill with bronchitis and a fever of 101, I called. That's when he told me that he didn't like talking on the phone because he sometimes stutters. He prefers emails, text and face to face contact. I only heard him stutter once. "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the phone call, I really do."

He wants me to have a relationship with him based on text messages? Is that what my students do? Do they have people that they just text with?

I have such great memories of long phone conversations with my boyfriends. Since I haven't seen him in awhile now, all I have now are sorethumbs and questions. If he goes away for a weekend to visit friends, then I get text messages for two weeks because he works nights. I don't think a text life is really all that satisfying after all.

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Kisci Mony said...

I like that. Those texts sounded pretty racy. I confess that Deb & I first confessed our crushes on each other via text. But they led to phone calls, face to face conversations, and lots more face to face, if you know what I mean. Text is good for during a lecture or meeting, or when you cant say certain things when your colleagues are listening...but it's just a means to an END..a satisfying end.