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Sunday, November 18, 2007

First impressions

My last two chats. I am now invisible:

5: What site do I know you from.
D: You don't remember? I sent you an email with my picture. I'm so hurt. :'(
5: Now I remember. Cute. Busty?
D: Why do guys always look there?
5: Because they look right back.
D: R u a perv?
5: Why? Because I love boobs?


PervDr: I used to date a teacher from your school.
SavvyD: What's her name?
PervDr: Marilyn
SavvyD: Last name?
PervDr: I've said enough.
SavvyD: But then I could ask for a reference.
PervDr: For what? My dick size?
SavvyD: That's circumference. (What an idiot. I logged out.)
PervDr: It's girth that matters isn't it?
PervDr: Do you give a good massage?
PervDr: I guess you are gone. Bye.


Yes, gone forever.

There was a chat I engaged in on MySpace that had the same themes. How do you look naked? Can I have a picture of your body? Chat is the least classy way of getting to know someone. But then, you've seen the pervy guys who try to meet underage girls online. I love Dateline NBC for exposing those guys. There's something comforting about anonymity that makes these guys go that direction. There is such a thing as a healthy interest in sex, but getting pervy online rather than meeting with someone and developing a relationship spells serious psychosis.

I'm sure you're wondering why I was chatting with these guys in the first palce? Let me explain. "5" was a random surprise. I got rid of him very quickly. The other guy "PervDr" was a guy I went on a date with a year ago. We met at Red Lobster and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was an alchoholic and a pervert. He had two drinks and had driven out of the area despite being ON CALL at the hospital where he worked. He talked about alchohol alot. He also mentioned a "friend" of his who went on some sexual tourism trip despite being married. I thought that was gross and told him so.

I always trust my gut feelings about people, but thought "Hey, I could be wrong and I'm not seeing anyone right now." Boredom and curiousity won out. I was hoping for a dinner date somewhere in there, but he comfirmed my initial impressions of him. One of his first questions on our year later chat was, "What do you like to drink?" Then he confirmed his perviness even without a date.

It just goes to show that you should always trust your first impressions. People are more honest than you could ever imagine--and with very little prompting. Just listen.


Anonymous said...

Oi, achei seu blog pelo google está bem interessante gostei desse post. Good bye friend.

DragonRaid said...

your first instinct is right, most of the time. however, people can change, some guys just never do. perhaps they were raised in a world concerned only about sex and could care less about emotions, or a person as person rather than an object.

itsjennie said...

I think most people you meet on the internet end up being perverted, liars, and just plain jerks. Relying on the internet to meet people isn't all that great. Maybe you could try getting hooked up from a friends friend.

D said...

Oh, that hasn't worked too well either, Jennie! For more dating disasters please read:
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I'm just not that into you.

..::Ev︼@ngel::. said...

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