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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Why do guys keep cutting and pasting the same email to all the girls? Why don't they just post their picture online and actually pay for membership so we know they already wrote to us.

Original Message (Sent Sep 17, 10:25 AM)

Hey: How are you doing! I just read your profile and would like to know more about you. You sounded very friendly, fun, and outgoing all around. It is not easy these days to find a girl like you who has so many wonderful qualities. Anyways, I definitely would like to know more about you. Feel free to tell me about yourself, such as your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and what you are looking for in a person of interest. You can also write me to al at yh or here is fine. I hope to hear from you soon! A

Original Message (Sent Sep 24, 12:35 AM)

Hi A

Thanks for your sweet note. You sound pretty cool yourself. My profile was pretty all-inclusive. I am as fabulous as I sound. LOL.

I think we are all looking for the same thing, someone who we are attracted to on a number of levels, and see the world from a similar point of view in enough ways to get along. How about you?


Hi D:

Thanks for the reply! I am looking for the same things as mentioned by you. Someone who is open minded, easy to get along, sharing similar interests and views, and facing new paths and challenges together. By the way, do you sing opera? That must be pretty fun. Singing makes one happy all the time. How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting and fun? Well, have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon!



I am no longer a member at XXXXX so I can't
see your pictures anymore. Can you send it to me
through email? You can see my pictures at
for your convenience. It is a little simple website I
created for myself. Hope you like it.

It has been cooler with the exception of today. I
think the temperature will hit 90 degrees by noon
according to the forcast. The change of season is
here. Did you have a good Summer?


I wrote back to him after he sent me his webpage. I must have erased the email. We were in touch the year before and never met. I don't remember why. But then he didn't even remember me from the previous time. Are they insincere, forgetful or desperate? It's hard to say!

Let's look at the emails together:

First, we couldn't figure out what dating service we had written to each other. Then I was going through a really hard time with work.

A wrote:
Hi D:

How are you doing! I am sorry that it took me so long
to email you back with pictures. You must be very
curious of how I look like. It is just school and
Master's program got me really busy this week for some
reason, and traffic is not good in the Summer time.
Anyways, I should have managed my time better still.
You can see my pictures at
for your convenience. It is just a little website I
made for myself. Hopefully you will like it. Don't
forget to answer the questions I asked from the
previous email. They will definitely help me to know
more about you. Also, were you born in 77 and that
was why it appears in your screen name? Have a great


Thanks A, I totally understand about the MA taking over your life. It's tough. What are you studying? Please don't htink I am being completely shallow about wanting to see a picture, it's just that once I made the mistake of meeting someone without a picture at all and it just wasn't fair to me to meet him and find out then that he had been burned in an accident. Other time people postpone and you never meet because they are embarrassed or perhaps you might not be attracted. Honesty about everything is just the best policy. 77 is a number that people don't usually use, 7 is the number for heaven and Godly things, and the name of a band I used to like. We'll have to get to the other questions another time as I only have this one open now. Is it important to have answers to those particular questions before you meet someone?

Talk to you soon,


I remember now, he asked alot of questions, demanded answers and then I just stopped hearing from him. Not only that, it was annoying. The messages are the old style with the arrows, so they get really messy to repost.

This isn't the first guy to engage in these antics, and he won't be the last. They ought to know that we're onto them and cut it out.


Adi said...

I guess this guy felt he was ugly and therefore didn't want to get rejected from you- that's why he stopped writing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the dance of emails can be a little frustrating but I think I know why he stopped writing. He thought that you might judge him harshly because of the burn victim- probably not confident about his looks. Also, I think he wanted to know your age- the 77 comment was about that.