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Friday, November 30, 2007

A Christmas Gift for my Boyfriend?

Thank God for generous return policies.

All the girly advice books tell ladies not to splurge on gifts for gentlemen. Perhaps it's a good rule, but certainly it didn't apply to me! See, for the first time in a long time, I was going to have a boyfriend for Christmas. It wasn't some guy I was seeing, but a bona fide boyfriend. My mom had expressed her hope that I would finally bring someone to a family gathering. It was right to splurge for that occaision. I wanted to celebrate!

I have been on a bit of a jewelry splurge lately, and couldn't help looking at the unique replicas of ancient pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. Something from here would be the perfect gift for a really smart guy-which he was. And there was something so wonderful about the sentences, "It's a replica of an Ethiopian Cross from the 5th century. My girlfriend got it for me." I could imagine him smiling proudly, eyes twinkling with love for me.

But then things faltered. Was it my mistake to tell him I wanted to take things slowly? It seemed like the prudent thing to do on our last date. But does it make guys lose interest? I didn't want to get scared or scare him off, or have things move too quickly in an initmate sense. I thought he was OK with it. So, while I left with thoughts of having a boyfriend this Christmas and finally having the chance to get to know someone. Perhaps he left thinking that he wasn't going to get what he wanted from me. It's happened before.

When I bought it, the adorable salesladies insisted, "Hey, this is for a man or for a woman. If you decide you don't like him, you can always keep it for yourself." They boxed, ribboned and bowed it. I couldn't wait to see him open the box on Christmas.

I laughed with them. It's a really nice piece. But everytime I would think of wearing it, I would think of him and what I hoped he would say.

"It's a replica of an Ethiopian Cross from the 5th century. My girlfriend got it for me." It just rolls off the tongue soothingly.

I'm trying to find the twinkle in his eye, the sparkle, the love, the pride that I hoped for. Instead I just feel a little pang as I think of returning that hope. I have so much to give to the right guy.

I'll just remember my little dream. Not wedding vows or dresses, but a simple joy that cost just $130.

"It's a replica of an Ethiopian Cross from the 5th century. My girlfriend got it for me."

Most likely they won't remember all this when I return the necklace to the store, but I will.


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D said...

Someone emailed me and told me they thought it was really sweet of me to buy such a nice gift for the guy.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian guy and I think its a great present.
Dont worry about having to return it. He will love the gift. <><

SavvyD said...

Sadly this was for a year ago. It didn't work out with the guy. He got me candy and a card for Christmas. I should give him kudos for the effort, but it was Whitman's not Godiva or even See's. I didn't give him the cross. He sent me a card this year, but I really don't know why since we don't even hang out.

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