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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cut and Paste

How many girls do you think got this same email from this guy?

i just signed in to this site,am James just now i saw your profile and i really like what you wrote about yourself.
Im a single man, who really want to love and be loved.Infact i would like to know more about you,just maybe we could get to meet each other,and probably maybe you are the one i came here to find .Smilessssssssss

Cant wait to hear from you soonest.Take care of yourself.you can kindly contact me at jmsm underscore73atyahoodotcome.thanks God bless you

Oh, yeah, the profile was really BORING and he's ways older than me, too. There is no picture. He probably won't even remember me if I wrote to him because he sent this to as many girls as he could. It's a clear case of cut and paste.


single/certain said...

omg!!! i am willing to bet lots of money that yeah, you're right, he won't remember you! i once sxchangeed emails with a guy who sent me a similar form letter email. then i just started ignoring him, as i was totally not interested and he was skeezy. then, a year later, after i had quit and then restarted this online dating site, he sends more emails... he had totally forgotten who i am! soooo creepy and wierd. sigh. hang in there.

Adi said...

It was a bad email, but guys get rejected all the time online, so spamming a bunch of girls with the same email is a pretty good strategy. Just a guy's point of view.