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Friday, August 10, 2007

When You're the Boss, Behave!

Be good to those who work for you. You never know what the future might bring!!

I have been a performer for many years. Coming back to the city I live in was a big step down after having been in New York City. But now, being a choir teacher, I am in a position to hire an accompanist for my choir. Wouldn't you know it? A ghost from my recent past applied!

When I auditioned for her she told me I wasn't that good. She also told me I should sing a different voice part. When I told her I had been ill, she told me I shouldn't make excuses. When someone else in the choir leaned on me and hurt my knees, she yelled at me in front of everyone. I ended up in tears and the director came over and gave me a big hug. When summer rolled around and she was in charge of preparing the chorus for another show, I asked to be a part of it. She said I would have to miss too many rehearsals.

And now she wants the job I'm offering?? Incredible. I'm not going to bother telling her that she's too difficult to get along with. I'm not going to tell her that I'm afriad she's going to yell at me. As much as I would like to be considered for roles or parts in the future, I don't think I can work with her! I wouldn't want her to yell at the kids or start arguing with me about preparing the choir. I want to live my life in peace!

Besides that, her piano skills aren't good enough for the job! I could live with some of that if I thought I could get along with her!

Just keep in mind, when you're the boss, BEHAVE!!


Steven said...

Wow so true!!!!!!

Nice entry

Laura said...

Being the employer, it is good stewardship of your position and
hiring to:

1) hire someone who can do the job
where both of you are confident in their abilities

2) hire someone who will support you (and your kids) without fear of more undermining to you or the kids. You should hire for the best interest of those kids.

Great for you not to fear your personal loss of future singing,
nor for you to enter into some
kind of arrangement where your hope
depends on her.

Good teaching leadership!