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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Subtle Cues Something's Amiss

I have always believed that I could pick up on subtle cues that indicate that something is amiss with a man. People think I am being "picky" or "judgemental". But when you are talking about your soulmate that you trust with your life, your heart, your money, your soul and your children you SHOULD be picky.

When I met Mr. Polyamory I had not one, but two subtle slips of the tongue that told all.

D-So, how's the view in "Mountain City"?
M-We have a great view from the backyard. (Hmmm, "we". Could be a roommate.)
D-Here, let me give you my email too.
M-Oh, I figured I'd have yours when you wrote to me. (Hmmm. Kinda lazy.)

Once he wrote to me I got it!!! No number, no email, no evidence. Clever!!! Brilliant even!!

WE--of COURSE! No man says "we" for a roommate. He would say, "my place--that I share with a roommate--another guy. He's cool."

When you are on a date with a guy, listen carefully. They are very honest. I have heard of guys turning to a girl and saying, "I told you on our first date that I am like X." or "I told you on our first date I don't believe in marriage."

It could be anything. You have to listen for it. A hobby, a habit, a secret... Then ask yourself if you can live with it. Don't think for a second that you can make anyone change.

This applies to guys also.


Elle Bright said...

Very true, it pays to be picky! lol, if your not you never know who you might end up with!

Elle x http://thelonerlife.blogspot.com/

Scott said...

True... sometimes people who call themselves "picky" though have unrealistic expectations. They look over great people trying to find "the one" only to find out "the one" isn't all they expected either.

D said...

Hmmm...it depends on if someone is being picky about appearances or picky about character. You
-should- be picky about character.