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Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Ways to Save for College and Pay Off Student Loans

If you don't know about Upromise or what a 529 plan is, you are losing money you could be saving for your future, using to pay off your student loans or your child's future!

When it comes to paying for college, there are two options:
You wonder how you will be able to afford to go or send a send your children. The cost of college is rising.
You have deferred payment on your student loans for various reasons. You wonder how/if you will ever pay it off.
Sound familiar? Here are 3 fabulous things that are designed to HELP YOU!

If you already have student loans, Sallie Mae can link to Upromise and help you pay off your students loans. That's what I use it for.

Upromise Citibank Credit Card
For the longest time I went without a rewards program on any of my credit cards. You simply can't afford to go without one. But the trick is finding a rewards program that is truly rewarding. The Upromise Citibak card gives 1% cashback to my Upromise account that is linked to my SallieMae account. 1% may not seem like that much, but that 1% is going to where it counts the most, paying down debt.

I just signed up for Upromise. They have devised a way of linking your Upromise account to your club cards at major supermarkets, debit cards and credit cards. When you spend money at their partners or just use your cards, you earn money for college. It doesn't matter if you have already been. You can register your student loans and use the rewards you earn to pay off student loans. They also offer a Citibank credit card which also helps you save.

You can even earn money when you eat if you eat at affiliated restaurants. Why not? You have to eat to live. It's been a nice suprize when I have been out to eat to see a surprise bonus on my Upromise account.

Looking to purchase a home in the near future? If you use their affiliated realtors, they contribute $3000 back to you! What? Buy a condo and pay off your loans in part? Fantastic!!

You can invite other family to register their credit cards online--aunts, uncles, older brothers and sisters, family friends...the list goes on.

Don't miss out! Visit Upromise today!

529 Plan
A fabulous way of saving for college! Don't have student loans yet? Upromise can also link to a 529 plan. Pre-tax contributions can also be made from a paycheck--just like a retirement account. This includes parent contributions or a student's jobs before or even during college. A 529 Plan has another benefit over a regular savings account. The government does not tax the interest you earn in a 529! This means even more money for college!

Fidelity.com offers a College Rewards American Express credit cards that links directly to a 529 account if you have one with them. They give 1.5% cash back rewards straight into your account!

Vanguard.com offers a 529 account through Upromise. It makes the application process easier because all of your information is in their system.

I wish these programs had been around before I went to college. They have truely flourished with the age of the internet. Luckily, it's not too late. Yes, helping pay student loans is after the fact, but every little bit helps!

The best thing is to find a 529 administered by your state. You can also search 529 and your state. What are you waiting for?? Start saving today!


Sarah said...

My concern about uPromise is that you have to buy more expensive, national brand products to use it. And, until I pay off my student loans I wonder if I have any business putting up a mortgage for that condo...

D said...

Some of the people using upromise are saving to send a child to college as an added benefit. What you use is up to to you. You can also find bargains and steals.