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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mean Boys

Is online dating really a worthwhile effort? You finally worked up the nerve to write to someone who seems to have something in common with you. The response is, to say the least, not nice.

Please note--I really like opera.  I know it's not everyone's favorite music.  I don't expect that it would be.  I also like many kinds of music except for most rap.

I'll post our email exchange:

Original Message (Sent Aug 03, 5:05 AM)


I'm really interested in hearing more about the music related companies since I teach choir.
You sound nice.


Original Message (Sent Aug 03, 6:36 PM)

I'm not really a music teacher per se. My handle is just a combo of the words "music" and "Ed", which is my coffee house name.

My sister is an opera singer. Unfortunately, I've endured pretty much all the opera I can take.


right, that's why I asked about the "music-related" companies. Sorry about your opera problem. I'm taking a bit of a break from it myself, but I expect I'll get back to it once I've adjusted to my new choir job.


PS  Now I know you're not nice.

On the other hand, this makes it easy to move on. That is definitely a plus!!


tormentoso dama said...

i did the online dating and it was a diaster.

indianpedi said...

Well, this is increasingly true for couples belonging to other religions and other continents, outside of N. America, too.

indianpedi said...

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Thank you.

stanley said...

Online dating was to me disasterous, but my fren got better deal than me haha.... that's really depends

Anonymous said...

Well, since i find it hard to meet people face to face, I use the internet(for meeting old and new friends). Hope I break the cycle! I'm still young and hence i postponed dating!

Nice blog, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Never tried it and probably never will.

Steven said...

You have to be careful outhere!!!!
Use common sense!!!

I like the site!!
I will link you


SnowDahlia said...

My online dating experience was rough going at first, because I thought I could actually TELL something about the preson I was corresponding with. I thought I could KNOW him via email. Wrong. No one can know anything real about anyone without meeting them. Online correspondence is absolutely no substitute for intimacy and the "felt sense" of a personal encounter. All that said, I did find a great guy eventually. Very different from me in some ways, but alike in more fundamental ways.

D said...

indianpedi--Absolutely true. I have Sri Lankan friends who want to get me on one of their matrimonial websites.

Snowdahlia--Good for you! The first person I met from online I dated for 8 months. He certainly didn't write something like this, LOL!

Thanks for all your input!

Eb said...

I wouldn't recommend it. You have to be careful.