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Friday, July 20, 2007

Jealousy and Biore Strips

Quite some time ago I had a boyfriend who was nice enough to let me put a Biore strip on his nose.
I had tried them out and thought they did the best they could with my small pores. (Not well at all.) We had fun following the directions while locked away in the bathroom like teenagers. I made him wash his face, and then gently put it across his nose. I tapped it to test if it was dry and hard enough. I had a feeling it would work well on him, but no idea how well. When we pulled it off, I was astouded at the dark forest of blackheads and whiteheads on that strip. It left a perfect outline of his nose. The gunk usually gathers around the creases of your nostrils. For a few hours while we prepared Thanksgiving dinner with his daughter he would slip a cryptic comment, "My nose still feels funny." I would giggle and his daughter, 15 at the time, asked, "What? Why does your nose feel funny? What did you guys do? Daaad! Tell me!" I wished that my Biore strip would do that to me.

I have another exboyfriend I would like to give a Biore strip to. Way back in college we were dating and he had a pimple on his nose. He was good and didn't touch it. I'd rather try and do something about those suckers. Because he didn't help it along, it turned into probably the largest blackhead I have ever seen. 10 years later I saw him at someone's wedding or something and he still had it on his nose. I'm left with the nagging question...the next time I see him, do I tell him, or do I just hand him a strip and say, "Ummm, I've been meaning to give this to you since college. Pleasedon'tbemad." Then drop it in his hand and run away hoping he'll follow the directions?

In the event that he's single again and wants to be Savvy, I've decided to give everyone a few tips for improving their front view.

  1. The best time to use a Biore strip is after a nice warm shower. This helps my small pores, I'm certain it will help those of you who have the great fortune of having larger pores to really get that stuff out.

  2. Make sure your nose is wet now that it's clean. Voila! That thing will be soaked through and getting in every pore.

  3. Don't be discouraged. We all have little tiny peach fuzz hairs on our faces--both men and women. The strips do pull off some of those hairs in the process, but it doesn't hurt.

  4. Guys, if you want to try it out, I'm sure you can "innocently" ask your girlfriend to do it for you. She will think you are fun. Having had a brother who asked me to paint his nails, or other perfectly straight guys who painted their toenails black, maybe it just fits in with a guy's sense of adventure. The only way she would know what you're up to is if she reads this blog!

  5. Something else to try is adding vigorous excercise before the warm shower. I just tried this and found that it helped.

They don't need to be the Biore brand, there are other pore cleansing strips. I just tried the Safeway brand and I thought they did a little better than Biore. Just start trying them out and see which one works best for you.


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